Student Life at Mid-Continent University seeks to honor Jesus Christ through building relationships, Residence Lifeequipping students for carrying out the Great Commission, and developing the whole person through the integration of faith, living and learning.

Within our community we believe the greatest expression of fellowship and the highest principle for relationships is love. Since God first loved us, we ought to demonstrate love toward one another. We believe your time at Mid-Continent is a time of training – learning more about who you are in Christ and His calling/purpose for your life. We believe that your experiences in chapel, in the residence hall, in the classroom, in athletics, in clubs and organizations, and in the dining hall provide many opportunities for you to become the person that Christ created you to be! We seek to provide a combination of challenge and support in order for you to grow spiritually, intellectually, interpersonally, and physically. We hope students will become integrated persons who think and behave intentionally as Christians in all areas of their life!Residence Life

The process of knowing who you are in Christ requires a wide variety of experiences which help students clarify their interests, skills, attitudes and beliefs so as to come to a genuine sense of commitment. Providing students with both significant challenges and tangible supports are essential components to the mission of Mid-Continent University. Therefore, we have intentionally created activities and opportunities through the various departments of Student Life to create space for God to work in you and through you – in order that you may experience His great love for you and share it with others.Residence Life

Departments of Student Life:

Spiritual Life
Residence Life
Calling and Career
Clubs and Organizations
International Student Fellowship
Residence Life Orientation