Travel Study Program

Each academic year Mid-Continent University offers students an optional travel study course.  This four-hour elective course includes class time and travel to a chosen location providing different cultural and learning opportunities.  Travel varies to domestic and international locations.  The benefits of this educational opportunity outside the classroom are unique.  Students grow and expand in ways that can never be achieved in the confines of the regular classroom.  Student testimonials are inspirational about the overall experience and how much they learn.


TRS 1014 - Travel Study (Freshman)
TRS 2014 - Travel Study (Sophomore)
TRS 3014 - Travel Study (Junior)
TRS 4014 - Travel Study ( Senior)

The trip location and date for School Year 2013-2014 has not been determined


Any student may consider, as an elective, the “Encounter Missions” class.  The class is a complete mission opportunity and designed especially in support of that part of the University’s “Mission Statement” which reads:

Equip and train students for carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:18-20).

A practical application of Christian ministry and missions in the United States and around the world.

  • Students will register for this course during regular registration.
  • Orientation will precede the field event by three weeks and in some cases will be completed online.
  • Debriefing of students will be done online during the two weeks following the field event.
  • Students enrolling and needing assistance in raising travel funds may consult Dr. James W. Cecil, Chair, Missions and Evangelism Department.