MCU Basketball Player Scores Unique Wedding Proposal

Small college athletics can sometimes provide very unique opportunities for student-athletes. Such was the case for one Mid-Continent University basketball player .

At halftime of the first home game of the season for Mid-Continent's Junior Varsity Gold team, junior Kyle Davis of Princeton had the opportunity of a lifetime. With the help of the coaching staff, the athletic administration, and his family, Davis was able to surprise his girlfriend - west Paducah's Kyndra Herring - with a marriage proposal in front of a capacity crowd at Mid-Continent's Cougar Center.

To pull off the surprise, Davis orchestrated a fake drawing as a part of a halftime contest. At intermission, Associate Athletic Director Joel Thornton called Kyndra's name and had her come to half court after the teams had gone to the locker rooms. While Thornton was explaining what Herring had 'won,' Davis made his way back onto the floor, walking up behind her. Once Davis was in position, Thornton instructed Herring to turn around. When she did, she saw Davis on a knee with a proposal and a ring.

As part of the plot, Davis informed his parents and her parents of his plans, and they were present for the special event.

Thankfully for Davis, Kyndra said ‘yes.’

The special event received cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. "It's the small things like this that make going to a small university worthwhile," Davis said. "It was absolutely amazing that I was able to do this at a basketball game that I was actually playing in. I looked into the stands afterward and saw coaches and players of other teams here at MCU standing and cheering with tears in their eyes. That made this moment even more special."

Players from Bethel University - the evening's opponent - and the game officials also joined the celebration and gave the couple their congratulations. "It was one of those moments where if the uniforms had not been different, you would have thought they were my own teammates and coaches," Davis said.

"Kyle had to pull a lot of strings to make this happen, and I just can't express my thanks to the entire school for making this happen,” Herring said. “Getting to meet Kyle at half court and hear the crowd cheer will be a story that we'll tell our children one day. It was such a huge honor to get to share our engagement with the school at the first home game of the year."

Head Men's Basketball Coach Adam Parrott was glad to be involved. "It was an honor to be a part of this special moment for Kyle and Kyndra," he said. "I was glad to allow him the opportunity to propose at halftime."

"I first want to thank God for placing her in my life," Davis said after the game. "Without Him I would not have this opportunity to begin with. I'd especially like to thank my family for coming out and supporting me like they did. I would also like to thank Coach Parrott, Joel Thorton, and Tim Shay for allowing me to use that time slot to propose as well as the students who kept it quiet."