Graduation Information

Graduating Students1. When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas can be expected 10-12 weeks after a student's official graduation date. There are some students who will have classes that end after the official May or December graduation date. For those students a graduation date has been set aside in June, August, or January. Diplomas for these students can be expected 10-12 weeks after those dates. The official graduation dates are as follows:

  • May and December commencement date
  • The last Friday of June, August, and January

Please be courteous and postpone calling or sending emails about the whereabouts of a diploma until 12 weeks from your official graduation date has passed. This can delay the process it takes to get these documents to all students in a timely manner. It is also impossible for the Registrar's Office to know the full situation of an individual student until this time, and therefore the question cannot be answered.

Unpaid bills, transcripts from previous schools that have not been received, an error on the degree from the printer can all delay this process further. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all bills are paid in full and all necessary documents have been turned in. Any student, who has a balance after February 28, or September 30, must notify the Registrar's Office once the bill has been paid in full to receive their diploma. For example, a student who graduated in December but neglected to pay their bill until March 15, must call the Registrar's Office to notify them that the bill has been paid in full for the diploma to be mailed.

2. I did not initially apply for graduation before the official May or December date. Can I send in my application in now and get a June, August, or January date?

No. The additional conferral dates are provided for those completing courses after the May and December commencement date. This allows students who are within six hours and complete shortly after commencement a more convenient degree award date. You can, however, apply for the next official May or December graduation date.

3. What are the graduation fees?

Students applying for graduation are charged an $80 fee. Any applications received after the first deadline will have a late fee of $25 added. Applications received after the second deadline will receive a $25 late fee and an additional $15 shipping & handling. Students reapplying for graduation are charged a $25 fee; should they require a cap & gown, then the fee is $40.

  • The graduation fee is a standard fee for processing a student. Every student must pay this fee, without exception.
  • Late fees are charged to everyone who does not turn in their application in a timely manner. This covers the extra incurred expenses of rushing a graduate through the process required in order to allow them to graduate on time.
  • The shipping & handling fee is charged to students who turn in their applications so close to the date of graduation that caps and gowns must be ordered and shipped overnight at a higher expense. This must be done to ensure the student receives their cap & gown in a timely manner.
  • Reapplication fees are standard and charged to cover the expense of ordering a new diploma, since the student did not complete the requirements needed to graduate before the final allowable date.

4. In order to receive honors cords, what is required?

Gradation Honors are give to students with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.50 or higher. The graduation honors are as follows: Summa Cum Laude CGPA of 3.90 or above, Magna Cum Laude CGPA of 3.75 to 3.899 and Cum Laude CGPA of 3.50 to 3.7499. The transfer grades from other institutions are included with the transfer hours accepted are posted to MCU’s transcript and included in the CGPA.

Graduating student with Dr. Wilson5. I did not participate in the graduation ceremony, but I have honors. Can you mail me my honor cord?

We do not mail honor cords with diplomas. Honor cords are distributed on commencement day to recognize students who are receiving honors.

6. Will you send me a copy of my transcript with my diploma?

No, at this time we do not. We offer graduates the option to have two free copies sent. Simply fill out a transcript request form and write on the form "1st/2nd free grad copy". This offer can only be used by students who are fully complete and have their degrees posted to their transcript. Graduates who are not yet complete must pay the normal transcript fee.

7. How can I verify my degree once I have graduated?

A transcript will show the degree earned by a student. Transcripts can be ordered by filling out a transcript request form found here.

8. Can you rush my degree to me?

No, we cannot rush diplomas. The diplomas are processed as quickly as possible when received by the Registrar's Office. The transcript is the official verification of degree conferral. The transcript contains your grades, major, degree, date of conferral and honors. Your diploma contains your degree and honors. Therefore, when you need verification, please request a transcript. A transcript request form is on the website. 

9. When will you post my degree to my transcript?

The Monday following graduation is when degrees will begin to be posted. They are posted in alphabetical order for students who are complete and have all grades in. Those graduates who must be posted later because grades are not in or for other reasons will be posted at the first available time after completion. These additional times are:

  • Two weeks following the May or December graduation date
  • The Monday following the June, August, and January graduation date
  • One month after the graduation dates given in June, August, and January

10.  Who do I contact to find out about upcoming graduation dates, plans, etc?

For more information about upcoming graduation ceremonies, call Tracey Thornton (Traditional Registrar)  270-247-8521 ext. 228 or Keenan Ford (Advantage Registrar)  270-247-8521 ext. 617 or go to the Commencement Information page.