Financial Aid Counselors

What a great opportunity to welcome you to the office of Financial Aid at MCU - Our goal is to see that each member of the Financial Aid team gives the best possible service concerning any financial aid questions, concerns, disbursement of funds or FAFSA questions. Each person in this department looks forward to working with you and assisting you in any way we can. Feel free to email or phone any of us at 888-MCU-GRAD if you have a need. Thank you for being a part of our great institution!

John Barnett

Traditional Financial Aid Counselor

Email John Barnett
Or call at ext. 370

Melissa Clark

Financial Aid Specialist

Email Melissa Clark
Or call at ext. 279

Tara Vann-Schreck

Financial Aid Specialist

Email Tara Vann-Schreck
Or call at ext. 636

Anita Canter

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Anita Canter
Or call at ext. 281

Doug Cook

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Doug Cook
Or call at ext. 346

Robin Dawson

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Robin Dawson
Or call at ext. 339

Wynita Dillard-Carter

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Wynita Dillard-Carter
Or call at ext. 626

David Hargrove

Financial Aid Counselor

Email David Hargrove
Or call at ext. 224

Teddy Mays

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Teddy Mays
Or call at ext. 367

David McKenzie

Financial Aid Counselor
VA Benefits

Email David McKenzie
Or call at ext. N/A
(270) 450-0824

Ted Wallrauch

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Ted Wallrauch
Or call at ext. 367

Tammy Webb

Financial Aid Counselor

Email Tammy Webb
Or call at ext. N/A
(270) 450-0825

Cathy Barnett

Financial Aid Communications Specialist

Email Cathy Barnett
Or call at ext. 364

Tiffany Rudesill

Financial Aid Administrative Assistant

Email Tiffany Rudesill
Or call at ext. 264

Paula Clendenen

Executive Director of Financial Aid

Email Paula Clendenen
Or call at ext. 340

Paul Stairs

Assistant Director

Email Paul Stairs
Or call at ext. 387