Department of Teacher Education

Paul L. Thompson, Ed.D., NCSP Chair

The Teacher Education Program involves what is frequently called a “2 + 2” program. During your first two years, you will focus on your General Education courses while also taking three introductory courses with the education faculty. These three courses will give you exposure to classroom situations by going to schools which will help you in the decision-making process to become a future teacher. Your faculty advisor will work closely with you to help make sure you are satisfying all course requirements. There are specific state and university requirements for all future pre-service teachers relating to grade point averages and other requirements that will be shared with you. In preparing to become a future elementary education teacher, we encourage you to continue seeking God’s will for this special ministry.

The final two years of the 2 + 2 program involve classes and experiences that will train you to become a future educator.

Mid-Continent University has provisional accreditation for its initial level educator preparation program from the Kentucky Department of Education to offer its Teacher Education program to train public and private school teachers.

Teacher Education Major
(General Education and Professional Studies)

The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board has approved admission to Mid-Continent University Teacher Education Programs. 

A candidate for the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Teacher Education must complete Biblical Studies requirements. [A Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree with a major in Teacher Education may be earned by completing an additional 12 hours of language.]

The Department of Teacher Education is responsible for the elementary teacher education program (kindergarten through fifth grade). The purpose of the elementary teacher education program is to serve children, families, and communities by preparing bi-vocational ministers, professional teachers and/or informed parents to teach early elementary school age children in Christian schools, in public schools, and in the home. 

The Teacher Education Policy Council at Mid-Continent University reserves the right to recruit, admit, and retain in the professional programs only those students who show evidence of being academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of performing in an acceptable and professional manner.  The standards for admission to Teacher Education are inclusive of those for admission to the university.  However, admission to Mid-Continent University does not automatically guarantee that the student will be admitted to teacher education programs.

Refer to MCU Catalog for program details.