How to Use the Moodle Messaging System

Policy Note

All students/faculty will communicate using the OLC messaging system, assignment activity, and discussion forum. Professors are not permitted to communicate with students electronically outside of the Online Learning Center.

1. Login to the Online Learning Center and enter your class.OLC class

2. Click on "Participants" on the left panel.
Participants page

3.  Find you professor on this page and click his/her name.  In this case, you would select "CJ Turner".CJ Turner's Profile

4. The professors profile will appear.  This displays any information the professor wishes to share with his/her students about himself/herself.  To send a message, scroll to the bottom and click "Send Message".  Be sure not to click the professor's email, as they are not normally permitted to communicate with students this way.
Message Popup

5. Type your message in the message box and click "Send Message".Message Popup Typed

6. If you would like to review past messages, click "Message History Button".  Messages are listed in descending order by date.Message History

7. To receive incoming messages, login and enter your class. (You may view the Receiving Messages video tutorial here.)OLC class

8. If you have a message, there will be an entry in the Messages box on the right.  Click the envelope to read the message.
Messages Box

9. The message popup will appear.  If you have a popup blocker on your browser, a bar should appear at the top of your page telling you about it.  Click on the bar and enable popups for Message Popup

10. Replying works the same way that sending a message does.  This concludes the Messaging tutorial.