How to Upload a Paper

You may view the video tutorial here.  If it asks you to log in, use the guest pass (Username: astudent, Password: Prospective#1).

1. From your desktop, double-click the Microsoft Word icon.MS WordMS Word 2007

2. When Word opens, type your paper as your normally would.MS Word Typing
3. Click the Save icon at the top of the screen to open the Save As dialog.Save IconSave As Dialog

4. When the Save As dialog opens, be sure the the Save In area reads My Documents. My Documents

5. Type a name for your paper that you will remember.
Paper Title
6. Click the Save button.Save Button

(NOTE: The save dialogue will not open after you save the first time. The paper will be saved with the name you typed in.)

7. Click the Close button.Close button
8. Double-click the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox icon (depending on which you use).

 Internet Explorer  Mozilla Firefox

9. Select the Favorites (Internet Explorer) or Bookmarks (Firefox) menu.Tutorial Bookmark Highlight

10. Select "MCU OLC".

11. Proceed to login and enter your online course.  OLC

OLC class

12. Select the "Upload a paper" link.  You can tell this is an upload link because of the clipboard icon.

13. The BIB 4203 paper upload page should appear.Paper Upload Page

14. Click the "Browse" button.
Browse button

15. Click the "My Documents Button" button.

16. Select the name of the paper you typed.
Paper title select

17. Click the "Open button" button.
Uploading File Entered

18. Click the "Upload button" button.

19. A page will appear confirming your successful upload.Upload Success

20. Click the Continue button button.

21. The BIB 4203 paper upload page should appear, this time listing the document you uploaded. Your paper upload is complete. The professor will now receive your document for grading. If you made a mistake, in most cases, you can resubmit a file to replace the one listed by repeating this process.Uploading Complete

22. Select "BIB 4203" in the Navigational Breadcrumb to return to your class. OLC class

This will take you to the main course page.  This concludes this tutorial.