How to Post in a Class Discussion

You may view the video tutorial here.  If it asks you to log in, use the guest pass (Username: astudent, Password: Prospective#1).

1. Log into the Online Learning Center and enter your class.OLC CW class

2. Select the "Getting to know you" link.  Discussions may be labeled "Week 1 Discussion" or something else, but you know it is a discussion by the person with a speech bubble icon.

3. The Discussion Threads page should appear.
Discussion Page

4. The professor's discussion instructions are located about the thread listing.  Be sure to read these carefully.Instructions

5. Click the title link to enter the discussion thread.
Discussion replys

6. Click the "Reply" button next to the first post.  This will take you to the Reply page.Reply page

7. If you would like, you can change the subject title, but normally when replying this does not change.Subject!

8. Click in the large box to type your reply.  This reply interface works very similarly to Microsoft Word.Reply box

9. After you type your reply, click the "Post to forum"button.Reply page 2

10. The Post Successful page should appear for a few moments.  It will redirect you to your post.Post Successful


11.  You can see your post show up in the list.  You may edit your reply for 30 minutes before it becomes permanent, in case you made a mistake.

This concludes the discussion thread tutorial.