Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Counseling Degree ONLINE

Mid-Continent University ADVANTAGE is thrilled to offer an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Counseling online, a degree previously offered only face-to-face at the Mayfield MCU campus. Mid-Continent’s Psychology Department Chair Dr. Keith Roach expressed, “A major in Psychology can offer a student a wide variety of choices in career fields. Our program is designed to offer foundational support for future educational endeavors in a Master’s program and beyond. Students will receive the information and experience to help them choose the right direction for their lives. If a student does not want to pursue post graduate education then this program will prepare them to do their jobs more efficiently and with greater understanding. It is truly a win-win situation for students and employers. The convenience of an ONLINE major and the affordability offered by ADVANTAGE classes makes this a very appealing option.”

Jackie Imhoff, Vice President for Adult Programs at Mid-Continent, communicated, “ADVANTAGE is very pleased to offer this major as yet another online option in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Business Management with additional minors including Human Resources, Psychology or Christian Studies already available. Mid-Continent University has a history of offering a strong psychology major through the traditional program and more recently in the one night a week adult format through ADVANTAGE, but offering it online will provide the ultimate convenience of education being as close as your computer. Online classes focus on real world experience, making the education more meaningful for adults who have prior work history.”

The online format allows you to log in anytime 24-7 at your convenience. You will never have to be away from your own family. Enroll as a fulltime student taking two classes at a time for ten weeks. Students attend class through an online “Cohort Community”, which means you attend with the same group of students throughout the entire major. You are all in it together!