Mission Statement

Mid-Continent University is a Great Commission, Baptist, undergraduate and graduate, teaching institution whose primary purpose is to provide Christ-centered quality higher education. Instruction in the Bible and liberal arts is provided to traditional and non-traditional students through on-campus and off-campus programs that equip them for Christian leadership and service in a diverse society. Furthermore, the University seeks to:

  • Enable students to carry out the Great Commission of Our Lord. (Matthew 28:18-20)
  • Imbue students with a knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures.
  • Provide a quality education in both the arts and sciences and Biblical studies from a Christian worldview.
  • Facilitate student development by promoting the synthesis of academic knowledge and Christian values for spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical maturation.
  • Encourage lifelong learning for people of diverse ages and educational levels in our communities.
  • Cultivate student leadership and service.
  • Foster competency appropriate to the degree level of the student in writing, reading, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills, analytical reasoning, computer literacy, and library research.