Immunization Policy


Mid-Continent University does not have an immunization program on campus.  Students who need immunizations are referred to the Graves County Department for those immunizations that are considered standard by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  The cost is minimal.  Students can have their personal physician at home give them immunizations.  If a student prefers to see a local physician, a referral can be made.

All traditional new students, including freshmen, transfer, and international students, must show proof of immunizations for the following diseases:

Polio (TOPV)

DPT and/or TD


Hepatitis B

Hepatitis A (recommended but not required)

Meningitis (recommended but not required)

*If this immunization has not been given then the student is required to give dates of these diseases.

Students can complete the student state of health form by contacting the traditional admissions office.

Immunization and vaccines information can also, be found at