What Motivated Me To Go Back To School


I joined Mid-Continent as someone who had previously burned out of college. I had no intentions of ever going back but through the staff of the school, I found myself gaining interest through their excitement. I enrolled and met with my advisor who was willing to do anything it took to make my experience flawless.

I started off as an on-campus student and eventually moved to the online program. The
in-class settings were wonderful because they were composed of a small group of people. With this, students A) got to know each other and B) received more 1-on-1 communication from the teacher. As I moved into the online program, the classes were pretty much the same. The teachers were very prompt in responding to any question I had. The students interacted with each other and we all became a family.

In going back to school, I was very apprehensive about the choice. I was not sure if I could jump back in to studying, reading, taking tests, and composing papers. As time progressed, I realized other classmates had the same concerns as I did, which set us all at ease.

Since graduating with my degree in Business Management in May, I have already received a promotion at my place of employment. I truly can credit this to the great staff (teachers and advisors) that supported me through my journey and never allowed me to quit. The positive, uplifting atmosphere at Mid-Continent could not be duplicated in any other school.

To those considering this step, know that it is worth it. The school will not let you down and will support you, as an individual, in your journey. No matter what level you are or what age, this school will be able to provide a great education. Even if you have never used a computer before, the classes will educate you on programs and software to assist you in your classes. Don’t be scared, be excited! Go Cougars! Michael D'Elia ADVANTAGE May 2012 Graduate