Overview of Services

Mid-Continent University Advantage is student-centered and offers a variety of programs to demonstrate its interest in student success. Mid-Continent is committed to excellence in the classroom and non-classroom activities to ensure a supportive living-learning environment for the whole student. The program is set up in a cohort format. Essentially, every student takes all of his or her classes with the same group of students until they complete their degree. Everyone is in this together and there is a large amount of interaction and interdependence that draws students into a close, cooperative relationship.

Student services for Advantage collaboratively works with academic personnel to provide the best possible environment for learning as well as opportunities for personal growth and development! Mid-Continent's Advantage is recognized as a leader in reaching out to make education available for all adult learners.

Class Leadership Service Opportunities

During the first course, a class representative and chaplain are selected for each cohort. These positions provide student representation that enhances the quality of the educational experience within Advantage at Mid-Continent University.

Class Representative

The class representative carries out liaison responsibilities between the class and the Advantage Programs. These duties include welcoming and introducing new or drop-in cohort members, supervising and collecting facilitator evaluations at the end of the course, communicating cohort group needs and concerns, serving as an emergency contact when unusual circumstances arise, such as inclement weather, distributing information and materials from the school to the cohort group, and representing the class in policy reviews conducted by Advantage.


The chaplain will assume the responsibility of providing spiritual support and leadership to the cohort group. The chaplain conducts a brief moment of devotion followed by prayer requests and prayer. These activities should take place prior to the class and allows an opportunity to lift one another spiritually through support and prayer. The chaplain should be a born-again Christian, be active in a church, and be a compassionate and praying person. Responsibilities include: being available; establishing trust; listening a lot and talking a little; maintaining confidences; accepting another's disclosures without passing judgment; expressing God's grace, mercy, and love in ways appropriate to the situation; resisting the temptation to fix things; supporting others as they make their own decisions; sharing appropriate Scripture; and praying with/for others. The class chaplain may also be called on to assist Mid-Continent University and/or the class representative in notifying students of class changes/cancellations, etc.