Mid-Continent University Advantage Announces Steve Christmas as Employee of the Year

Steve and his wife, Robin, have been married for 24 years and have a 15 year old son, Barton, who is a freshman at McCracken County High School. In Steve’s spare time he enjoys home projects with Robin and helping Barton grow his balloon business. 

Steve said, “Thank you for a very fun and special day. I am very grateful and appreciative. I am still speechless and humbled. All I really know to say is thank you. I am very blessed to work with so many wonderful coworkers. Most people have to be dead to get this kind of compliment. The fact that it has happened to me while I am alive is such an honor.”

Vice President of Adult Programs at Mid-Continent, Jackie Imhoff, said, “MCU Advantage began a tradition six years ago of selecting an employee of the year. This is a favorite award of mine because as a team we select our description of the ideal employee and using those descriptors, elect the person who best fits those adjectives. I am pleased that we collectively selected Steve Christmas as our employee of the year. He is the kind of employee that any organization would be fortunate to have. We are thankful that God brought Steve to MCU to serve alongside each of us as he is a very capable successful individual who is also a dedicated team player.”

Previous Advantage Employees of the Year were Benetta Woods (2012), Jackie Puckett (2011), Monty Duke (2010), Trisha Vowell (2009) and Kent Youngblood (2008).

Mid-Continent University is a private, non-profit, Southern Baptist affiliated organization. MCU is regionally accredited and headquartered in Mayfield, Kentucky. If you are interested in information about enrolling in Advantage, email advantage@midcontinent.edu, visit www.midcontinent.edu or call 1-888-MCU-GRAD.