MAYFIELD, KY. – Saturday, December 7th, 2013, Dr. Robert Imhoff, President of Mid-Continent University, conferred degrees to over 440 graduates. Commencement ceremonies were held at Mayfield High School in Mayfield, Kentucky.

The Mid-Continent University December 2013 graduating class represented a diverse group including a record number of over 420 Advantage students and a number of traditional students earning degrees from the James W. Cecil Baptist College of the Bible and The Baptist College of Arts and Sciences.

Congratulations to Mid-Continent University’s December Class of 2013!

Kentucky (sorted by County)



Bachelor of Science

Nathaniel L. Stinson, Magna Cum Laude – Scottsville

Associate of Science

Troy Lee Anderson, Magna Cum Laude – Scottsville



Master of Science

DeeAnna Michelle Johnson Owen – LaCenter

Bachelor of Science

Casey Dean Alvey – Kevil

Cynthia Lee Waldon Dunn, Cum Laude – Kevil

Associate of Science

Michael David Brown, Cum Laude – Kevil

Betty Joyce Hon, Magna Cum Laude - Barlow



Associate of Science

Terry Lynn Bush Glaab, Cum Laude – Glasgow

Jeremy Ray Wilson, Cum Laude - Glasgow

Julie Angela Smith, Summa Cum Laude – Park City

Amy Carol Swafford, Summa Cum Laude – Glasgow

Justin C. Wilson, Summa Cum Laude – Glasgow



Associate of Science

Melinda Mae Rankin – Danville



Associate of Science

Mary Elizabeth Stearns, Cum Laude - Paris



Bachelor of Science

Jackie E. Evans Jr. – Shepherdsville

Barbara J. Hartlage, Cum Laude - Shepherdsville

Roger Wortham – Mt. Washington

Associate of Science

Jennifer Ewanchew, Cum Laude – Shepherdsville



Bachelor of Science

Anita Ann Daugherty, Cum Laude – Morgantown

Associate of Science

Autumn Nicole Johnson - Morgantown



Master of Science

Lisa Diane Cummins – Princeton

Cindy L. Hamby – Princeton

Bachelor of Science

Jennifer Danielle Oliver – Princeton

J. Todd Phelps – Fredonia

Faith Rustin, Magna Cum Laude – Fredonia

Karen S. Sholar – Princeton

Jerri Lynn Slaughter – Fredonia

Christopher Whisman – Princeton

Associate of Science

Jessica Bess Board – Princeton

Sandra Ann Brown, Magna Cum Laude – Princeton

Tanner Brent Kilgore – Fredonia



Master of Science

Jennifer Lynn Tingle – Murray

Bachelor of Science

Lisa Marie Hudson-Frost, Cum Laude – Dexter

Scott R. Gray – Hazel

Teressa Poole Hill – Murray

Tammy Madrigal Ruiz – Murray

Associate of Science

Chasity Anne Abbott, Cum Laude – Murray

E. Romaine Benton, Magna Cum Laude – Murray

Richard Lee Burkeen, Cum Laude – Dexter

Bridgett Kirks, Summa Cum Laude – Murray

Sue Ann Lax, Magna Cum Laude – Murray

Misty Dawn Mickeletto, Cum Laude – Murray

Charles Nelson – Murray

Eric Ray Payton, Magna Cum Laude – Murray

Rita Kay Dawson Peal, Summa Cum Laude – Murray

Stephen G. Peal, Cum Laude – Murray

Kayla Marie Slayden, Cum Laude – Murray

Cortney Tubbs, Magna Cum Laude – New Concord

JaMille Sawana Louise Wilkins – Murray



Bachelor of Science

Carissa A. Viniard - Cunningham

Associate of Science

Latisha Nicole Fernandez – Arlington

Kathy Marie Meinders - Bardwell

Sherry Anne Murphy – Arlington



Bachelor of Science

Stephen Wayne Fryar, Cum Laude – Hopkinsville

Will Whitledge, Magna Cum Laude – Crofton

Associate of Science

Jeffrey L. Blake, Magna Cum Laude - Herndon

Lori Lee Hayes, Summa Cum Laude - Pembroke

Darrell Ray Knight, Cum Laude – Hopkinsville

W. Michael Stokes – Crofton



Associate of Science

Vickie L. Bell, Magna Cum Laude – Winchester



Associate of Science

Ashley S. Sizemore – Fall Rock



Bachelor of Science

Miranda Rochelle Guess – Marion

Lonna Re’ Starnes - Marion


Associate of Science

Christopher Nelson, Cum Laude – Marion



Associate of Science

Jacob Adam Brown – Owensboro

Latisha LaNice Howard – Owensboro

Mark D. Tong – Owensboro



Bachelor of Science

Rodney A. Hoffman – Brownsville



Bachelor of Science

Mary A. Rivera, Magna Cum Laude – Lexington

Associate of Science

Jeff Brindley, Summa Cum Laude – Lexington

Jean Maurice LaPierre – Lexington

Christopher Rumsey - Lexington



Bachelor of Science

Rebecca Long – Frankfort

Tina Slone – Frankfort

Joy F. Spice – Frankfort

Associate of Science

Allison Nicole Harrod, Magna Cum Laude – Frankfort



Master of Science

Dennis Lamar Moore – Fulton

Bachelor of Science

Brandy Lynn Burns, Magna Cum Laude – Fulton

Tracy A. Tibbs, Summa Cum Laude – Fulton

Brandon Lee Uzzle, Magna Cum Laude – Hickman

Associate of Science

Carolethia Rena Bransford – Fulton

Keri DeAnn Cole, Cum Laude - Hickman

Tracye R. Fisette, Summa Cum Laude – Fulton

Heather Smith – Fulton

Jana Lee Turner, Magna Cum Laude – Hickman

Yolanda Uzzle – Hickman



Associate of Science

David Lynn Horn, Summa Cum Laude – Lancaster

Darla Michelle Melton, Magna Cum Laude - Lancaster

Shana Dale Stacey, Summa Cum Laude – Lancaster



Master of Science

Steven W. Milam – Symsonia

Bachelor of Science

James Kelly Adams – Mayfield

Hope Charity Allen – Mayfield

William Scott Arnett - Mayfield

Jason Wayne Burnett – Mayfield

Michael Andrew Cox – Mayfield

Brandon W. Doom, Magna Cum Laude – Mayfield

Tina Louise Dunaway – Mayfield

Pam Gilbert, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Rhonda M. Heath – Water Valley

George L. Hurd, Jr. – Mayfield

Elizabeth Ann Lamb, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Charles A. Laster – Mayfield

Christina Nicole Baker Marks - Hickory

Lynnda Robertson Mathis, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Codie Lynn McKellips - Mayfield

Misty Dawn Meadows, Cum Laude - Hickory

Jessica Dawn Miller - Mayfield

Tonia Charlene Montgomery - Mayfield

Thomas Munsell, Summa Cum Laude – Mayfield

Dana Rea Rohrer – Mayfield

Sasha Thomas – Mayfield

Sean Coleman Vann – Hickory

Kimberly Faith Wiggins, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Associate of Science

Heather Carvell, Magna Cum Laude - Mayfield

Lacy M. Elliott, Magna Cum Laude – Mayfield

Teresa Gail Gorham – Mayfield

Greg M. Jones, Cum Laude - Mayfield

Kimberly D. Leidecker, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Angela Merici Masso, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Rachel Lynn McClain – Sedalia

Melody Ann Meade – Mayfield

Brett O’Guinn, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Tonya Jane O’Guinn – Mayfield

Marissa Pearson, Cum Laude – Mayfield

Amanda Rule – Mayfield

Kayla Cherelle Sanders – Mayfield

Tessa Aaron Sanders - Hickory

Carrie Perla Taylor, Summa Cum Laude – Fancy Farm

Carla D. Thomas – Hickory

Andrea Dawn Work – Mayfield



Associate of Science

Jennifer Gayle Decker, Magna Cum Laude – Leitchfield

Jessica Alene Gordon – Big Clifty

Sharon Lynn Glover, Magna Cum Laude – Leitchfield

Robin M. Hayes, Summa Cum Laude – Caneyville

Tammy Dee Rogers, Summa Cum Laude – Leitchfield



Bachelor of Science

Tina Wheatley, Cum Laude – Hawesville



Bachelor of Science

Wendy Jobson, Cum Laude – Vine Grove

Associate of Science

Jessica Ann Jackson, Summa Cum Laude – Elizabethtown

Matthew William Jackson – Radcliff

Tammy A. Reynolds – Radcliff

Anna Darlene Robinson, Summa Cum Laude – Rineyville

Joyce Marie Steward – Radcliff



Associate of Science

James T. Hickey, Cum Laude – Horse Cave



Bachelor of Science

Julie Todd Basmadji, Magna Cum Laude – Henderson

Misty Marcheta Davis – Henderson

Regina E. Fritts Preston, Cum Laude – Corydon

Associate of Science

Ashley Nicole DeLaLuz  - Henderson

Amanda Ruiz – Henderson



Bachelor of Science

Jere Clark, Cum Laude – Clinton

Wesley Neal Henley, Cum Laude – Columbus

Associate of Science

Lisa Carol Dodson, Cum Laude – Clinton

Jessie L. Sanders – Clinton



Bachelor of Science

Andrew Lee Bennett - Madisonville

Brittany Leigh Moore - Madisonville

Timothy R. Wyatt, Summa Cum Laude – Hanson

Associate of Science

George Willis Black, Cum Laude – Dawson Springs

Suzanne Marie Black, Cum Laude – Dawson Springs

William Andrew Burden – Madisonville

John W. Carlson - Madisonville

Jason Dewayne McLevain – White Plains



Bachelor of Science

Billie K. Bland - Louisville

Tarisa Doward, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

William Richard Herrmann – Louisville

Jessica Rae Huff – Louisville

Leigh Ann Jent, Summa Cum Laude – Louisville

Navetta Shanell Gunn Matzek – Louisville

Meliha Nedic, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Tracy Wray Peercy – Louisville

Rebecca Raye Person – Louisville

Donna Pollard, Summa Cum Laude – Louisville

Patricia L. Thompson – Louisville

Tara Lynn Thompson, Cum Laude – Louisville

Associate of Science

Nicole Assenato, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Mary Kent Autrey, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Anthony C. Bolden Sr. – Louisville

Shanetra Renee Campbell – Louisville

Patricia J. Dailey, Summa Cum Laude – Louisville

Daniel David Dunlop, Cum Laude – Fisherville

Bosede Adeola Ekundayo, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Marla Camille Hamilton, Summa Cum Laude – Louisville

Collin Alexander Helton – Prospect

Iris Nicole Johnson – Louisville

Teresa Johnson, Summa Cum Laude – Louisville

Bernard Gregory Kenemore – Louisville

Edward E. Ludwick, Jr., Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Shalonda D. Neal – Louisville

Patricia L. Nixon, Cum Laude – Louisville

Philip Richard Reynolds, Magna Cum Laude - Louisville

Joshua W. Shacklette – Louisville

Dana L. Stephenson, Cum Laude – Louisville

Christy Lee Roberts Stevenson, Magna Cum Laude – Louisville

Stephanie K. Walls - Louisville

Jasmarae L. Woods, Cum Laude – Louisville



Bachelor of Science

Bradley A. Farkas - Nicholasville



Associate of Science

Tracy Neal Childress, Magna Cum Laude - Buffalo



Bachelor of Science

Ronald R. Coots, Summa Cum Laude – East Bernstadt

Rhonda Lynn Strawser, Cum Laude – London

Associate of Science

Brenda Amburgey, Magna Cum Laude – London

Candace M. Coots, Summa Cum Laude – East Bernstadt

Margie Gerea Smith, Summa Cum Laude – London



Bachelor of Science

Alison Kathern Jones – Grand Rivers

Mary Katherine Thomasson – Ledbetter

Associate of Science

Heather Renea Meeks – Grand Rivers

Phillip W. Thomason, Cum Laude – Smithland



Bachelor of Science

Melissa Ann Burbage, Cum Laude – Russellville

Jeff Noffsinger – Olmstead

Associate of Science

Karla D. Coles – Auburn

Deborah Ann Taylor – Russellville

Shannon Williamson – Olmstead



Bachelor of Science

Lauren A. Choat, Cum Laude – Eddyville

Associate of Science

Jeannie Crenshaw, Cum Laude – Edmonton

Sherry Nicole Padilla, Cum Laude – Eddyville



Bachelor of Science

Sara Elizabeth Ray , Cum Laude – Lebanon

Associate of Science

Jessica Ann Calhoun – Lebanon

Janice Chesser, Magna Cum Laude – Lebanon

Dona Marie Owens - Lebanon

Samantha Jo Tate – Gravel Switch



Master of Science

Anndrea E. Coffman – Benton

Larra J. Coffman – Benton

Stephanie A. Danielson – Calvert City

Bachelor of Science

Russell Earl Bivin, Cum Laude – Benton

Carissa Gail Darnall – Benton

Cathy L. Daugherty – Benton

Matthew Todd Hatchett, Cum Laude – Benton

Daniel L. Hopkins, Cum Laude – Calvert City

Jacob Wesley Petway, Cum Laude – Calvert City

Sumittra J. Phelps, Magna Cum Laude - Gilbertsville

Amanda Kay Smith, Magna Cum Laude – Calvert City

Daniel R. Woosley, Cum Laude – Benton

Associate of Science

Jessica Renee Capps – Benton

Tonya Nichole Clevidence - Benton

Hannah J. Dowell, Cum Laude – Calvert City

Kimberley Ann Holmes, Magna Cum Laude – Benton

Chrystal Renee Jones – Benton

Tabitha Sue Kimbro – Benton

Patricia M. Paynter, Cum Laude – Benton

Elisha Brooke Pogue, Cum Laude – Benton

Henri Rambeau, Magna Cum Laude – Calvert City

Christina Wilford – Calvert City



Associate of Science

Malgorzata Teresa Parker, Cum Laude – Dover



Master of Science

Jimmelyn Battoe – Paducah

Stefanie Bell Horton – Paducah

Stephanie Vernice Jones – Paducah

Donna Lewice Thomas – Paducah

Bachelor of Science

Domingo Blake Balderaz – Lone Oak

Alfonso Michael Bommarito – Paducah

Christina Rene Bradley, Cum Laude – Paducah

Verna Carol Conway, Cum Laude – Paducah

Randall Wayne Durbin – Paducah

Tara Danielle Esparza – Paducah

Zandra Farley – Paducah

Thomas M. Hagy – Paducah

Ebone’ Charls Henderson – Paducah

Gloria Feezor Hildreth – Paducah

Jeffrey Allen Jett, Cum Laude – Paducah

Marilyn L. Jones - Paducah

Kristie Lynn Knight, Cum Laude – Paducah

Christi J. McClure – Paducah

Christopher Tyler McMurtry – Paducah

Jonas Neihoff, Magna Cum Laude – Paducah

Ashleigh C. Pickett, Magna Cum Laude - Paducah

Donna G. Reeder, Summa Cum Laude – Paducah

Timothy D. Simmons, Cum Laude – Paducah

Cocoaland Hakai Sio – Paducah

Ricardo Lamont Sloan – Paducah

Lisa N. Sullivan – Paducah

LaTosha Sutton – Paducah

Donna Kay Thomas – Paducah

Lucas Warren Thomis – Paducah

Lacy J. Turner, Cum Laude – West Paducah

LaQuenta Tyler – Paducah

Sarah R. Vandermeulen – Paducah

Associate of Science

Peggy Denise Bennett - Paducah

Joshua Jay Berry – Paducah

Christopher Trenell Bright – Paducah

Jason Paul Carper, Magna Cum Laude – Paducah

Mia La’Shaon Carruthers, Summa Cum Laude – Paducah

Amanda K. DeBoe, Cum Laude – Paducah

Heather Duncan – Paducah

Lori Ann Fletcher, Summa Cum Laude – Paducah

Karla Gatz Ford – Paducah

Todd I. Fultz, Cum Laude – Paducah

Brady Terence Geurian – Paducah

Philip Gayles Johnson – Paducah

April Michelle Jones – Paducah

Renaldo Renard Jones, Magna Cum Laude – Paducah

Brad D. Martin – Paducah

Christi E. Morris, Summa Cum Laude – Paducah

Austin W. Patterson – Paducah

MaQuanita S. Pearson – Paducah

Tanya Perry – Paducah

Shemekia Powell – Paducah

Matthew T. Reynolds, Cum Laude – Paducah

Mary Ellen Scaggs, Summa Cum Laude – West Paducah

Tiffany Lynn Scott, Magna Cum Laude – Paducah

Jennifer Lynn Smith - Paducah

Lynsie Smith, Magna Cum Laude – Paducah

Amanda Nicole Triplett - Paducah

Barbara Weatherspoon, Cum Laude – Paducah

Carolyn Webb – Paducah

Terry L. Young – Paducah




Bachelor of Science

Amanda N. Cocanougher - Burgin

Associate of Science

Travis Keith Rogers, Cum Laude – Harrodsburg



Associate of Science

Raven N. Robinson – Central City



Bachelor of Science

Tammy Ann Anderson, Magna Cum Laude – Coxs Creek

Rana R. Kaissieh, Magna Cum Laude – Coxs Creek

Carly Lauryn Terrell – Bardstown



Bachelor of Science

Frederick Jerome Basham – Hartford



Bachelor of Science

Barbra Meredith Volpe, Cum Laude – LaGrange



Associate of Science

Marcia L. Buckland – Clay City

Shayna Lee Campbell, Summa Cum Laude – Clay City




Bachelor of Science

Kellie C. Baker – Somerset

Penny Gail Barrett, Cum Laude – Bronston

Eddie Dwayne Hudson, Magna Cum Laude – Somerset

Ryan Keith Martin, Summa Cum Laude – Somerset

Stella Katherine Mayfield, Cum Laude – Somerset

Sondra Jean Singleton – Nancy

Associate of Science

Loretta Fox, Summa Cum Laude – Somerset

Jessica Howard – Somerset



Bachelor of Science

Philip Michael McFerron, Cum Laude – Mt. Vernon



Bachelor of Science

Rebekah Sue Lane – Clearfield



Bachelor of Science

Amber Dawn Hale, Cum Laude – Russell Springs



Associate of Science

Rebecca Leigh Navarre – Georgetown



Associate of Science

Jennifer Renee Smith, Cum Laude – Franklin



Bachelor of Science

Della (Denea) Renea Powell – Elkton



Master of Science

Jodi K. Hawkins – Cadiz

Bachelor of Science

John Casey Freeman, Magna Cum Laude – Cadiz

Ashley Garcia – Cadiz

Rita F. Henson - Cerulean

Associate of Science

Jessica M. Burkett - Cadiz



Bachelor of Science

Elizabeth Saunders Newsome – Morganfield

Michael S. Wilcox – Sturgis

Associate of Science

Ivana H. Carmon, Cum Laude – Morganfield

Myra J. Spaulding – Morganfield



Bachelor of Science

Amber Barnes – Bowling Green

Angela Grace Becker – Bowling Green

Teri-Casey Larea Campbell, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Andrea Dunn, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Scott W. Essler, Summa Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Tracy Marie Fields, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Michele Lynn Hinton, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Robert Lewis Lindsey, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Nathanael Paul Mattingly – Bowling Green

Michele Marie McKinney, Magna Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Minyarn Simone Yevette Pratt – Bowling Green

A. Elaine Smith, Magna Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Louis Tagliaboschi – Bowling Green

Wanda Crystul Trimm, Cum Laude – Woodburn


Associate of Science

Dana Michelle Brown – Bowling Green

Troy Lee Hardin, Cum Laude – Smiths Grove

Robert W. Jones, Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Ellen Frances Lightfoot – Bowling Green

Amanda Lynn Moore – Bowling Green

Ashley Nicole Price – Bowling Green

Joel A. Smith, Summa Cum Laude – Bowling Green

Matthew Wisniewski – Bowling Green





Bachelor of Science

Ronnie L. Decker – Monticello

Tammy Jo Gregory – Monticello

Tonya Gaye Harrison, Magna Cum Laude – Monticello

Clint D. Keith – Monticello



Bachelor of Science

Gene Ray Byrum, Cum Laude – Clay

Cathy Lane Freer – Clay



Associate of Science

Rachel A. Johns, Cum Laude - Corbin


Sorted by State/County


Bachelor of Science

Lucas W. Hanks – Anchorage, AK




Associate of Science

Bridget H. McMillan – Butler



San Bernadino

Bachelor of Science

Jenavera Karisa Gibson – Chino Hills




Bachelor of Science

Charles Lorenzo Peden - Maywood

Franklin County

Bachelor of Science

Rachelle Marie Mueller – Christopher

Jerome Allen Wisehart, Cum Laude – Whittington



Bachelor of Science

Andrew Wade Devenport – Carbondale

Amanda A. Erickson, Cum Laude – Carbondale

Jamie A. Perryman – Elkville

Brian Eric Tripp – Elkville

Nichole Rachelle Tripp – Elkville



Bachelor of Science

Christopher Michael Bradford, Cum Laude – Mt. Vernon

Jim Lee Morgan, Summa Cum Laude – Mt. Vernon

Melena Cyan Howard – Ina



Bachelor of Science

Emily Kate Travis, Summa Cum Laude - Belknap

McKenzie Ann Whitehead – Tunnel Hill

Associate of Science

Jeff Walker, Cum Laude – Ozark



Master of Science

Jarrett R. Nunley – Metropolis

Bachelor of Science

Stephanie B. Looper - Metropolis

Katie E. Parker, Magna Cum Laude – Metropolis

Melanie Kayla Smith - Metropolis

Matthew G. Turner, Cum Laude - Metropolis

Sheila Sybil June Werner, Magna Cum Laude – Brookport


Bachelor of Science

Nathan Ken Jackson – DuQuoin



Master of Science

Mark Edward Staton – Golconda



Bachelor of Science

Rachel Allison Downs, Cum Laude – Galatia

Dylan L. Rasch - Harrisburg



Master of Science

Christopher W. Jones – Jonesboro

Bachelor of Science

Lori Jackson – Anna

Jerry David Rambeau, Summa Cum Laude - Anna



Master of Science

Sandra G. Gilmore – Johnston City

Bachelor of Science

Ali R. Buffington – Marion

Ryan Lee Fisher – Marion

Morgan Gravatt – Marion

Yolonda Hess-Milani – Herrin

Mario E. Ramos II, Magna Cum Laude – Herrin

William D. Sons, Magna Cum Laude – Carterville

Shalisha J. Wood, Cum Laude – Carterville

Associate of Science

Shelly A. Anderson, Summa Cum Laude – Creal Springs

Krista F. Mangrum - Marion




Bachelor of Science

Lindsey M. Musgrave – Zionsville



Bachelor of Science

Johnathan B. Terry, Cum Laude – Sellersburg

Associate of Science

Amber L. Love, Cum Laude – Jeffersonville



Associate of Science

Joshua Ray Wells – New Albany




Bachelor of Science

Jamison David Imhoff, Summa Cum Laude - Lansing




Bachelor of Science

Justin Hunter Bolden – Holly Springs



Bachelor of Science

Joseph T. Blair - Batesville






Cape Girardeau

Bachelor of Science

Christopher Brent Bledsoe, Magna Cum Laude – Cape Girardeau



Bachelor of Science

Richelle E. Stillwell – Lee’s Summit



Bachelor of Science

Amy Holloway Cooley, Magna Cum Laude – Dexter


North Carolina


Bachelor of Science

Jessica Rose Stover, Cum Laude – Hope Mills


South Carolina


Bachelor of Science

Michael James Floyd – Greenville




Associate of Science

LuLirine Culanda Elam – Dyersburg



Bachelor of Science

Kristin Marie Selph - Jackson



Associate of Science

Michael Fontanez Patrocino – Clarksville



Bachelor of Science

Torri Meshelle Saxton-Davis, Cum Laude – South Fulton

Lakeisha Monique Gardner, Cum Laude – Union City

Mary Cynthia Garland Long, Magna Cum Laude – Union City

Justin Allen Reed – Union City

Terry Allen Williams, Magna Cum Laude – South Fulton

Associate of Science

Edward Eugene Brunswick, Jr., Summa Cum Laude – Troy

David D. Ceiga, Cum Laude – Union City

Ginette Michele Craddock – Union City

Timothy Marshall McClain, Cum Laude – Union City

Steven Craig McCullough, Magna Cum Laude – Troy

Jerry W. McGowan, Magna Cum Laude – South Fulton

Lynnita Fowler Pierce, Summa Cum Laude – South Fulton

Ronnie G. Robinson, Summa Cum Laude – Troy

Kimberly Lynn Carroll Uzzle, Magna Cum Laude – Union City

Nicky W. Via – Union City



Bachelor of Science

William Daniel Gardner III – Dukedom

Thomas William Owens – Martin

Associate of Science

Tamara Cole, Summa Cum Laude – Martin

Krista Carol Costello, Magna Cum Laude – Martin




Bachelor of Science

Tanya Ener – Galveston



Bachelor of Science

Ricky Shiloh Roof – Norfolk


Out of Country

Bachelor of Science

Daniel Ferreira Guimaraes  - Estado do Rio Grande

Lerka Stancevic – Meerbusch, Germany


Mid-Continent University is a Great Commission, Baptist, undergraduate and graduate teaching institution whose primary purpose is to provide Christ-centered quality higher education. Instruction in the Bible and liberal arts is provided to traditional and non-traditional students through on-campus and off-campus programs that equip them for Christian leadership and service. MCU is regionally accredited and headquartered in Mayfield, Kentucky.

MCU offers a traditional four year program in Mayfield with majors including Psychology and Counseling, Behavioral Studies, Business Administration, General Studies, Math, English, Social Studies, Elementary Education, Biblical Studies, and Christian Ministry. MCU also has sports teams including men’s basketball, baseball and soccer, women’s basketball, volleyball, softball, and a Co-ed Spirit Squad.

Mid-Continent also offers Advantage, a non-traditional accelerated degree option with class locations face-to-face in 27 locations throughout Kentucky and southern Illinois or online.

Advantage offers an Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Psychology and Counseling, or Christian Ministries and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management through a convenient one night a week (no weekends) format in 18-24 months or completely online. Advantage also provides unparalleled service, including onsite visits by registration, advising, financial aid and even book delivery right to the students.

If you are interested in information about enrolling visit www.midcontinent.eduor call 1-888-MCU-GRAD.