Textbook List Revised Fall 2013

The Textbook lists reflect the current books being used for each program in ADVANTAGE. In instances where the school has been notified of new editions coming soon this has been noted by highlighting new edition. PLEASE NOTE: Each cohort group may be assigned different editions based on inventory and availability. Please check with the school before purchasing editions to ensure you get the right one for your cohort. You may email the registration department a few weeks before your new term in order to receive an email copy of your cohort’s book list with ISBNs. Please email cburnett@midcontinent.edu with your name and cohort number.


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Associate of Science Face-to-Face & Online Book List 

Master of Science in Human Resource Management Book List


Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling Book List


Bachelor of Science in Business Management Book List


Online Extra Course Book List


Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry