Advising FAQ



Q. Do I need official transcripts from every institution/military I have attended?

A. All official transcripts will be requested by Mid-Continent University for each student.  Students will need to fill out a transcript request form while meeting with the Admissions Representative.

Q. What is a Grad Plan and how do I get a copy?

A. Every student will be receiving a graduation plan from their Academic Advisor after all official transcripts are received.  Normally, grad plans are distributed prior to term two.

Q. If I march with 6 credits outstanding, can I still graduate with honors?

A. Yes, your GPA will be determined at the point of completion hours.  Although once outstanding grades are posted, honors could change.

Q. Will my diploma list my majors and minors?

A. No, your transcripts will list your majors and minors.

Q. At graduation, will my minors be announced?  

A. At graduation, only majors and honors are recognized.

Q. Will I get my diploma when I march across the stage?  

A. All diplomas are mailed out ten to twelve weeks after the last grades are posted and credit hours are completed for the degree. Also, your account balance must be zero.

Q. Who do I call to find out if MCU has received my official transcripts?  

A. You can contact your Academic Advisor to see if your official transcripts have arrived.

Q. Who do I contact to drop/add a class?

A. To drop/add a class, you will need to contact your Academic Advisor.

Q. When will I see my advisor again?

A. Your Academic Advisor will meet with you prior to each term at re-registration.  Additional visits are normally in term one and the last term prior to graduation.

Q. Do my official transcripts have to be in before I start taking classes?

A. Normally all transcripts should be in before starting classes.  If official transcripts are not received after five weeks, students will be administratively withdrawn from classes.

Q. Can I double up on classes?

A. Please contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your options.  Students that are interested in enhancing their major may choose to add a minor.  

Q. I am interested in finding out if someone can review my workplace training for potential credit; who do I call?

A. All training must be submitted to their Academic Advisor for review.  The evaluation process can take up to four to six weeks.  Your Academic Advisor will contact you after the review is completed.

Q. How do I request a MCU transcript?

A. Print and fill out a Transcript Request Form. You may fax the request form, scan it and email it, you can postal mail it, or bring it by. Faxed & scanned copies of transcript request forms must be paid with a visa or MasterCard. Postal mailed, or in person may pay by check, cash or credit card.

Q. Can I get an official transcript sent to me?

A. We do not send official transcripts to students. Transcripts will be stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT” if an official is requested to be sent to student.

Q. Can you fax/email me a copy of my transcript?

A. At this time, FERPA will not allow us to fax or email transcripts to an insecure fax number or email address. Therefore we cannot fax/email transcripts directly to students.

Q. Can you bill me for the transcript?

A. All transcripts must be paid for at the time of service.

Q. How will I know when my transcripts have been sent?

A. You will receive a yellow card in the mail telling you when and if your transcript has been processed.

Q. How do I request a verification of enrollment (student schedule)?

A. To request a verification of enrollment (student schedule), please contact your Academic Advisor.

Q. I need a loan deferment.

A. To get a loan deferment, contact or call 270-247-8521, ext. 617.

Q. How do I get a copy of my grades?

A. To get a copy of your grades, please call 270-247-8521, ext 242.

Q. How can I find out what grade I received for a class?

A. To find out what grade you received for a class, you may call 270-247-8521, ext 242.

Q. When will my grades be mailed to me?

A. Grades are mailed out after every semester/term.  If a student needs to have grades sent more often, he/she needs to refer to the tuition reimbursement procedure.

Q. How do I change my contact information?

A. You may contact your Advisor for contact information change in order to receive a change form or you can locate a form on this website at

Q. What other ways can I obtain credits?

A.  Your Academic Advisor will meet with each individual student to discuss all opportunities available to obtain credits needed for their degree.

Q. What about CLEP or DANTES testing, where can I go and what is available?

A. Please contact your advisor to discuss CLEP and DANTES information and dates.

Q. What minors do you offer?

•    Human Resources
•    Christian Studies
•    Social Science
•    Psychology
•    Business Management


Q. I am enrolled in an online course and having trouble, who can I contact to help me?

A. For all technical problems, Advantage students need to contact Dawn Hopwood at or by calling 1-877-MCU-GRAD (ext 635).

Q. I didn’t get an email with my online instructions, who do I contact?

A. Please contact your Academic Advisor.


Q. What is Sigma Beta Delta?  Can I purchase an honor sash from the organization and wear it at graduation?

A. Sigma Beta Delta is an honor society that only the top 10% are invited into the organization.  Yes, the honor society sash from this organization is allowed to be worn at graduation.

Q. Can my family come to the graduation brunch?

A. Presently MCU allows the graduate and a guest to attend the brunch at no charge.  There is a charge for additional guests.

Q. What lodging options do you have for those arriving before graduation?  

A. All students will receive information in their graduate packets about lodging accommodations available, graduate invitations and class rings.

Q. When will I graduate?

A. Graduation dates will be determined by the completion of each student’s credit hours needed.

Q. Will there be a commencement ceremony?

A. Commencement ceremony will be the concluding activity following brunch on graduation date.

Q. Do I have to pay for my cap and gown?

A. The graduate fee for your diploma also includes your cap and gown charge.

Q. How much is the graduation fee?  Is there a late fee or a reapplication fee?

A. Graduation fee $80, Late fee $25, Reapplication $25


Q. When will I receive my grades?

A. Grades are typically sent out at the end of the term unless you have a reimbursement schedule set up. 


Q. Where can I sell my books?

A.  At this time the Advantage program does not buy back books.  A good place to sell books is online at

Q. What are the ISBNs for my next term?



A. A list of the books is located on the website at however editions for each cohort may change based on availability at time of order. The ISBNs for each term will be established approximately 2-3 weeks before the term starts. Please email for this information.