ADVANTAGE alumni, Gina Leeper and Kim Lindsay, Nominated for Woman of Achievement Award


The local unit of the Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women, The Paducah River City Business and Professional Women, recently announced the nominees for their annual Woman of Achievement Award. Advantage alumni, Gina Leeper and Kim Lindsay, were both nominated for this award.


Gina Leeper, who earned both her associate and bachelor degrees through Advantage, stated, “I was extremely honored to be nominated and a finalist for Woman of Achievement. After participating in the Chamber’s Leadership Paducah, especially the Community Service Day, I found my purpose. The goal of working in a non-profit that benefits others was set and became my focus for the next several years.” 


She continued, “I knew I needed my bachelor’s degree to accomplish this, but I was working fulltime to support my family. Mid-Continent University presented at my place of employment, and I knew Advantage was perfect for me. I graduated in May of 2012 and received a promotion a few months later. I had accomplished my goal! I am employed by Western Baptist Hospital Foundation and received a great education in the process.”


Kim Lindsey, Chief Human Resource Officer at Lourdes Hospital, who earned her associate, bachelor and master degrees through Advantage, said, “I was surprised and honored to be named a finalist for the Woman of Achievement award presented by the Paducah River City Business and Professional Women's organization. It is a humbling experience for my efforts to be recognized by professionals from within our business community. The pursuit of my educational goals can be linked directly to the recognition I received and to the level of my current success.”


She continued, “When evaluating the choices for pursuing my graduate degree, I found the course work at Mid-Continent to be academically challenging. The Christian heritage and legacy of the school aligned perfectly with my own values. It was definitely the right choice for me.”


“I am proud of my personal accomplishments for many reasons. But, most of all, I hope that I have demonstrated the value of hard work and perseverance,” Kim said. “It is my sincere desire that my achievements will serve as a motivating example for both of my children as they pursue their own dreams through their academic efforts. For them, as for me, through education, anything is possible.”


Mid-Continent University is a private, non-profit, Southern Baptist affiliated organization. MCU is regionally accredited and headquartered in Mayfield, Kentucky.