Academic Services for Professors



Lora Canter

Director of Academic Services




Jill Hamilton

Faculty Support Services




Patricia Watson

Academic Services Coordinator


Coordinates professor assignments/load for full-­‐time faculty


Distribute keys to new cohort groups


Distributes/updates  lead professor contact information


Communicates  important updates to lead professors


Recruits adjunct faculty and accepts  referrals


Follows up on faculty feedback results/contacts  appropriate  staff when needed


Addresses  miscellaneous inquiries  for faculty  staff


Trains adjunct faculty





Creates   professor   contracts which contain important due dates. Return signed contract to Jill in provided self-­‐addressed, stamped  envelope


Coordinates/e-­‐mails course packets including the mailing of textbooks and evaluations


Answers questions about textbook  editions


Orders   textbooks/supplemental resources for faculty upon request


Answers questions about syllabus  updates/discrepancies


Processes pay releases to ensure payment of teaching services


Please send attendance rosters to the appropriate person listed on your contract




Coordinates adjunct workshops


Sends out/documents faculty feedback  surveys


Coordinates equipment requests (laptops, projectors, CD players, whiteboards & dry erase markers)


Updates class rep./chaplain lists (send form or changes to Patricia)


Tracks receipt of official transcripts

Manages facility changes


Coordinates substitute professors on an as-­‐needed basis


Coordinates computer assignments

Processes adjunct applications


Coordinates adjunct evaluations